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High Vibe Ink

Pierced Starter Kit

Pierced Starter Kit

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This specially made Pierced kit gives you all my favorite piercing products. It has enough of everything to do at least 10+ clients. Making the beginning of your piercing journey that much easier. 

Product Kit Includes: 

60+ pieces of Implant Grade Titanium Jewelry. The jewelry in this kit has been specifically selected to include a variety of essential bar sizes and gauges.  To ensure you can begin piercing all areas taught in the PIERCED course. 

Alcohol Wipes (200)

20+ Cannula needles

14 gauge (4)

16 gauge (10)

18 gauge (4)

20 gauge (4)

Hair Clips (20)

Marking Pens (10)

Plastic Clamps (10)

Piercing Lube (10)

Silicone  practice ear (1)

Scissors (10)

Sharps Container (1)

Woven Sponges (200)

Tip Cotton Swabs (200)                    

Receiving Tubs (200)         

AfterCare Sample Kit


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